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Since Spring is the time for fresh starts, we asked the experts in kitchen colour, Smeg, to give us some advice about the current trends in this all-important space. Known for their colourful approach to kitchen appliances, Smeg has a reputation for sleek, sophisticated designer kitchenware. The process of making your kitchen more ‘spring-ready’ can be easier than you think - one way to revive this space is by using kitchen accessories to bring in come colour. Here's how... 50s Retro Look The brand's famous vintage designs, with their classic lines and vibrant colours, merge with the latest in technology to introduce their beautiful 50s retro range. Rather than mass-produced kitchen appliances that look like everything else on the market, Smeg's internal design studio has given extra attention to create 'real icons of style'. Their retro range of refrigerators - available in a variety of cheery shades from fiery red, cream and black, to pastel blue and pink, orange, lime green, and blue - offer a great way to instantly update your kitchen with a dollop of colour. Smeg South Africa's Managing Director, Steve Brookes, says, 'Many South Africans are now expressing a desire for a shot of colour or a point of difference in their otherwise monochromatic kitchen colour palettes. Smeg's 50s style retro range provides the perfect antidote to the ‘minimalist blues’ experienced over the past decade and brings to life the true expression of style'. The FAB 28 Currently gaining popularity in South Africa is the Fab 28 range from Smeg. This combined refrigerator-freezer has multiple innovative features and also maximises storage space. Its superb energy ratings set it apart as well. A new addition to the Smeg FAB 28 family is the newly-launched Independent FAB, which they describe as 'the first ever fridge to be entirely covered in denim and stamped with the brand of fashion design'. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, there are various other limited edition designs available in the range. Besides their fridges, there are other appliance options that have adopted this vintage theme and tasteful colour application, including Smeg washing machines and dishwashers. To see the full range and for more information visit