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Kelly Higgs is the face of SHF for November

kelly higgs SHF With each new month, SHF has been partnering with a bright young talent, and November brings with it one of South Africa's most accomplished botanical artists, Kelly Higgs, who takes classical botanicals into the modern age. Her distinctive paintings have garnered global admiration for their vibrancy and unique composition, making her an ideal candidate to form part of the ongoing #shfgeneration and #shfdefineyourself campaign. And you could be next! In addition to receiving a R25 000 voucher, you’ll have the chance to take a trip to the SHF headquarters in KZN, star in a photoshoot, live the luxe life for a day with all-out celeb treatment and appear in lifestyle magazines. To win, simply show the world your design talent by conceptualising a moodboard using your favourite pieces from SHF. Step 1: Select 3-4 products from our range that you feel would fit well in your room of choice. Step 2: Name your collection. Step 3: Design a layout. Step 4: Post the layout on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts, along with the hashtag #shfdefineyourself. Find inspiration in Kelly Higgs' botanical-inspired selections below.
Rala sofa, R35 000

Ridge planter, from R1 500