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Keep up the De-cluttering


Every year I vow to start afresh and do the whole de-cluttering thing – but do I ever get round to actually following through? Nope! So, this year I have promised myself that I will attempt to de-clutter (one room at a time) and try to keep my home and life as orderly as I can – the whole year! Bring on the challenge… The real test will be continuing to keep up with de-cluttering - the entire year. Here are a few points to help you continue your de-cluttering mission:

  1. Don't slack off. It's easy to let the clutter take hold of your life and your home once more.
  2. Get into a routine or set up a system for yourself. Once you get use to the new way of doing things de-cluttering will become second nature.
  3. Deal with things immediately. Don't put things off or you'll start accumulating clutter - again!
  4. No second thoughts. When you have second thoughts about keeping something remember how great your home looks and how amazing you feel without all the extra clutter.
Do you have any de-cluttering advice? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter! Want more advice? Read this article by MindBodyGreen. Find more de-cluttering tips herehere and here!