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Karabo Poppy's Trend Scoop

Mari Theron
This Pretoria-based illustrator and designer finds fusion one of the most exciting aspects of design
With a degree in visual communication from The Open Window Institute, and a Craft Gold Loerie award under her belt, designer and illustrator Karabo Poppy Moletsane recently founded Mother Tongue, a creative agency dedicated to preserving the African aesthetic. Her quirky illustrations, each one bursting with South African imagery, are swiftly adding a dollop of new energy to the resident design scene. Her love of all things local is something that can be picked up in her personal style too, with ‘hybridising’ a term she uses to encapsulate it. Karabo Poppy Collage Above: Some of Karabo's favourites - The Sharp Sharp book speaks of her love for all things local; she’d love to splurge on a Dokter and Misses Lazy Bench; Karabo covets this bicycle from Simple Sam. 'I love to combine items that are iconically African with those that are iconically Western,' she says, which explains why joint design teams such as Dokter and Misses and Adriaan Kuiters, and Adriaan and Jody Paulsen are among her favourites. For Karabo, inspiration comes from a deep interest in cultural nuances. 'The way I tackle illustration and design allows me to research different people and their cultures,' she says. Visit     For game-changing home makeovers, insider industry contacts and fresh decor updates, get your copy of the July 2015 Renovations issue, on sale now!