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HL recently caught up with local fashion designer Anisa Mpungwe of Loin Cloth & Ashes to chat about her take on jumpsuits, one of our top trends for 2014 (as seen in our Jan/Feb 2014 issue - on shelves now!). What’s all the fuss with jumpsuits at the moment? They’re an easy wear. Nothing is as easy as a dress but a jumpsuit comes a close second. And you can dress them up with what I call ‘supporting actresses’- that pair of high or flat shoes, jewellery and outerwear. Even the colour or print of a jumpsuit can be an element on its own. Who is mastering them in the fashion market? Internationally, Ciara, Solange Knowles and Karla Deras. I haven’t yet seen too many locals doing jumpsuits that have made my head turn, though I think Bonang Matheba wears them well. How do we successfully pull the look off? Firstly, fit is key. Slim fit is even better. Check that it cuts you right at the ankle, so not too long or too cropped. I personally love high tops and high heels with a jumpsuit. I don’t really like flared jumpsuits or a culottes silhouette for my body type. And, if the fabric is too thin, I’d suggest bringing out the Spanx… Do you have any in store at the moment? No, we are sold out of jumpsuits at the moment. Proof of how they are so loved. If you want more of this up to the minute 2014 look we suggest you try Mr Price, Country Road, Topshop and Zara for their take on the popular one piece. For more from Loin Cloth and Ashes visit their website or call 072-143-2312. Text Mila Crewe-Brown