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Josephine Road Ceramics

What began as a blog, Josephine Road has grown from its digital origins into an outlet for its curator's ceramic creations. Designed by Kate Ghyoot Jollye, a Johannesburg-based architect at KA+AD, each piece exudes architectural finesse, despite being an escape from her practice. 'Having a strong grounding in design gives a certain functional and aesthetic discipline,' says Jollye. Jollye believes that a creative person can't ever be limited to one disciple. 'It is common practice in the design world to work on other projects,' she says. 'I have always loved ceramics, a passion bestowed to me via my mother and grandmother, through old dinner sets, tea services and a bad habit of turning things over to see "what they are". It was inevitable that at some stage I would want to make my own.' And make her own she did – including a series of cups and mugs. But unlike traditional hot beverage holders, Josephine Road's cups don't feature handles. Jollye explains: 'I personally prefer cups without handles. Even if I’m drinking out of a cup with a handle, I won’t use it. In staying true to what I love I chose not to have handles.' The omission of traditional handles not only gives each product a cleaner, more contemporary silhouette, but allows the cups and mugs to have a life beyond coffee and tea. The small espresso cups can be used as egg cups, for starters or desserts, or even to hold small items. The larger mugs can be used as storage jars for pencils, paint brushes, utensils, teaspoons or for flowers as vases. 'I think that items should not be limited to one use,' says Jollye. 'We are all conditioned to see an item and think it only has the obvious use. It’s important to be able to use things for many different purposes.' Josephine Road can be found in Johannesburg from Anatomy at 44 Stanley; in Durban from Catalyst in Umhlanga; and in Cape Town from Alternatively you can shop the collection online at For more information on Josephine Road visit