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Joe Paine's Trend Scoop

Graeme Wyllie

This designer-manufacturer and muso's world is the visual expression of his creative mantra: minimalist yet full of character As the driving force behind an award-winning product and furniture label, Joe has given modernism a local flavour. His unique and quirky collections have articulated the zeitgeist of South Africa’s new aesthetic narrative so successfully that they have reached cult status. A Joburg native, he has a love-hate relationship with the city he calls home. 'It's a place where a degree of true anarchy rules, which I find liberating and inspiring.' Joe has always gravitated towards clean-lined designs. 'I like the idea of form follows function. How the user interacts with a product is important to me,' he notes. As a creative individualist, Joe admires designers and artists whose works are personal and somewhat peculiar. 'I'm inspired by the kinetic art of Jon Kessler, Arthur Ganson and Jean Tinguely. British product designer Jasper Morrison's Super Normal range embodies the essence of remoulding utilitarian products into striking designs, while French designer Margaux Keller's delicate and thoughtful pieces are aesthetic food for the soul,' he muses. Come Tuesday evenings, he downs tools and expresses his creativity in octaves. 'I play in a band once a week, which keeps me sane. There's no better way to spend your time on the planet than playing music.'