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Jen Jen Collection Blocks

Jen Jen is a creative business, owned and run by Durban based, Jenni Mckenzie. After finding success at I Heart Market and last year’s Homegrown Fair, at the annual House and Garden Show, Jen has created a series of new collection blocks. They are designed to fit into any home and are influenced by true South African style and its unique cultural charm. The prints are 150mm x 150mm in size and offer an instant, visual pick-me-up for only R90. Displayed in a row, or added to an accent wall, they work wonderfully.  The promotional video created for the blocks is also a treat to watch and is sure to get you smiling and feeling cheerful! The bright and visual, collection blocks will be available at the Jen Jen stand at the Homegrown Fair, starting this Friday, 28th June or visit her site for more details. Text: Nadia van der Mescht