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Item of the day: The Big Easy

This seat is just calling you over to take a run and jump, land yourself right in the middle of the leather-sewn patches of comfort, sink in, take a deep breath and relax. OKHA have named their leather seat appropriately as ‘The Big Easy’, as it is just that! A big, grooved, sexy square of leather and squishiness, this seat is 80cm in height, depth and width. We think it would look best in a bachelor's pad as its square, chunky formation lends itself to the masculine aesthetic. Of course, we all know that the chair will end up facing the flat-screen TV, ready for those Springbok rugby games - don’t deny it guys (you were thinking the same thing!). For you daring and funky people out there, The Big Easy also comes in gold leather - quite Austin Powers if we may say so! The black seat retails at around R7100 and the metallic version for around R7400. For more information about ‘The Big Easy’ visit the OKHA website or go to one of their Cape Town showrooms at the following locations: 109 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001. 021-461-7233 Shop 120 & 121, Level 1, Cape Quarter,  27 Somerset Road, Green Point, 021-419-7003