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Item of the Day: Terry Angelos Enamel Bowls

Durbanite Terry Angelos is an artist whose refreshing quest to create art which is accessible to everyone has resulted in some wonderfully unusual creations, such as these beautiful hand-painted enamel bowls. “I found myself asking what people who feel intimidated by a large, framed canvas would rather buy and this idea combined with my love of experimenting means that my work is not all about painting. I love to blur the lines between art and craft, using different textures and surfaces with which to create,” says Angelos, who has exhibited in a more formal gallery environment on many occasions, too. “Framing is very expensive these days and part of the challenge of making art which is accessible and affordable is eliminating the need for framing, which is why I use wooden blocks and enamel bowls amongst other things,” she explains.

To create these enamel bowls, Angelos spray-paints the pattern onto the edge of the bowl using a doily as a stencil, before adding the central drawing. “I try to create things which will delight people because they are unexpected, easy to relate to or evoke a sense of nostalgia,” she says. Using motifs which fit into this philosophy, Angelos has created bowls featuring aloes, robots, bicycles, proteas and boomboxes, the latter as part of a commission for a little boy’s room. Many of these images recur in her work, resulting in a recognisable signature. “I don’t see art as a fast food thing,” she says. “It is more like a stew which benefits from the addition of different ingredients, lengthy cooking times and lots of experimenting. Although the base may be the same, something different is created each time.”

The enamel bowls were a sell-out success at Angelos’ stall at the Homegrown Fair at Durban’s House and Garden Show in July. Get yours for R140 – R160 at the i heart market on the first Saturday of every month at the DLI Hall in Greyville, Durban, see Angelos’ blog or call her on 082-772-3020 for more information.