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Item of the day: Spineless Classics

We are completely delighted by the innovation and creativity of Spineless Classics. A collection of full-text posters of great novels and non-fiction, the typography of each title has been used to create an image which relates to the story – Tinkerbell hovering above the outstretched hand of Peter Pan in the J.M. Barrie classic for instance, or a dinosaur skeleton for The Lost World. The full text of the book is on the poster and is in the perfectly legible size 4 font. In order to keep the print readable, some books, such as The Complete William Shakespeare, stretch over five sheets. Sam van den Berg explains the origins of Spineless Classics: 'After seeing a fine detailed architectural drawing being printed at his friend's studio, Spineless Classics founder Carl Pappenheim wondered if he could fit an entire novel, printed small enough on a large enough sheet, onto a single page. The result was the first ever poster – Jane Austen's Persuasion, a Christmas gift for his mother.' Many other titles followed and you will find something to suit most readers. If your favourite isn’t available, Spineless Classics will do their best to have it created for you. South African titles are going to be added to Spineless Classic’s catalogue soon. 'Hot off the press is Herman Charles Bosman’s Cold Stone Jug and I'm always looking at others,' says van den Berg. A Spineless Classics poster will make a perfect gift for a tricky bibliophile or the ideal image to decorate a library or study. Available from, the posters range in price from R400 to R2 250 depending on the number of posters required to feature the whole text.