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Item of the Day: Sootcookie vases

Sootcookie’s latest collection of vases is delightfully tongue in cheek. ‘I love the shape and form of the boxing glove’, creator Tanya Laing told HL, referring to her ironically shaped ceramic vase. ‘So I decided to recreate an object used in a violent sport in a fragile delicate material such as ceramic.’ Tanya is also aware of the interesting element added by the feminine patterns painted on the vase, and the fact that it will be used for flowers or other delicate items. When asked where she gets her quirky ideas from, Tanya listed a whole host of influences, from Granny’s china cupboard to Japanese animation. ‘I like to use elements found in traditional china and contrast them with objects in the contemporary world,’ she said, referring to the high top sneaker vases she recently released. And, in true artist form, she added that a little insomnia usually helps to get the ideas flowing. A pair of boxing glove vases retails for R1 200, as does a pair of high top vases. For stockist details visit the Sootcookie website or call Tanya on 082-087-8110.