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Item of the day: Skermunkil Jewellery

We love these earthy creations by Muizenberg-based jewellery designer Skermunkil. Her new collection of chains and rings garlanded with geometric shapes and tinted with a neutral, brassy palette, are bang on trend for this summers design forecast. For those of you that recognise the name but can’t visualise her designs, it’s not a mental pause, it’s just that this anthology is a total departure from her signature transfer-on-enamel conceptions, silver spoon cut outs and bunting necklaces with which you’re probably familiar. We love Skermunkil’s collective miscellany of bric-a-brac cohesive design; it’s a metamorphosis in ingenuity and illustrates her extensive textile vocabulary. Her latest range is an experiment with porcelain, a course that she notes has been as exciting and impulsive as it has challenging. Skermunkil creator Marietjie Beeslaar says, 'It’s been a long process playing around with shapes, making moulds, slip casting, playing around with oxides, making balls, painting them, firing them, glazing them, firing them… and then deciding to paint them...randomly.' For more information on her range and to keep up to date with her evolving style trends visit her blog , drop her a note at or visit her enchanting showroom in Muizenberg at 44 Palmer Road.