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Item of the Day: Rocky the Desk Butler

If dogs are already man's best friend, how would you even begin to classify a dog that tidies your desk for you? 'Cause that's exactly what Rocky the Desk Butler does. A stylish, non-slip rubber desk organiser that comes in black and red, this is one of our favourite products from quirky London-based designers, j-me. It's not only adorably cute, but also highly functional. With a slot for up to five pens, a magnetic nose to store your paper clips (which come included in the pack), a neck perfect for popping your elastic bands over, and a body conveniently hollowed out for drawing pins and other loose ends, Rocky really is a nifty little creation. The perfect pet, in so many ways. Rocky the Deck Butler is available from l’Emile et Son, Parkhurst, Joburg for R210.