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Item of the day: Menagerie factory ceramics

The owl motif has long been a favourite in décor and design and Capetonian artist Carol Halliford is one of the latest talents to take inspiration from these mystical birds. Carol's work reflects the different faces of the owl as well as her interpretation of Russian babushka dolls, and also comprises other interesting ceramic creations. 'Birds, hearts and crisp clean lines have always been a part of my range', she says, about her handiwork which was previously featured in HL in 2008. Now she is back with her latest intriguing collection, accented with clean black outlines, pops of monotone colour and different facial expressions. The details are minimal yet effective, with the yearning faces bound to find a place in your heart. As the name of her label suggests, these are Carol's very own menagerie, a collection of exotic creatures leaping straight from her imagination onto ceramics. Prices range from R120–R400 depending on the size and style you want. We think they'll make for beautiful, unique gifts this festive season! You can contact Carol directly on 084-554-0084, find out more on the Menagerie Factory Facebook page or visit any of the following stores in Cape Town to find a selection of these covetable ceramics: ImageniusMarigoldThe Fringe Arts on Kloof and Vamp.