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Item of the day: MatBlac Laptop Protectors

When you think of buttery hazelnut leathers, antique copper snap buttons and imported merino wool felt, you don't necessarily think laptop cases. Yet the combination seemed obvious for MatBlac of Raw Design, the self-taught, eco-conscious designer who's recently found himself in the design spotlight. His style is a synthesis of practicality and opulence developed from plush trimmings and scrupulous attention to detail. The result? A carefully crafted, cultured masculine aesthetic. The MatBlac line of laptop protectors come in a range of three different designs and regulated sizes, all of which are sumptuously padded with German-sourced, stain-resistant merino wool felt in subtle tones of grey. This versatile felt is hard-wearing, ecological, not artificially coloured and guaranteed not to pull. Both laptop briefs come with steel-enforced handles and magnetic closure for a slim contour, making them the ideal urban carrier. Prices  start from R780. For more information on MatBlac products which include wallets, Kindle cases, iPhone protectors and belts, visit and get a behind the scenes peek at the production process behind each item.