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Item of the Day: Love Milo Tree Cups

Love Milo is so barking up the right tree. Their latest creation is a gorgeous teacup set that mixes mediums for an unusual finish. Artist and photographer Nicki Ellis has stuck to her signature style of featuring branches, trees and roots that she photographs around South Africa. However, this time she’s extended the tree design into the materials themselves by hand carving the saucer out of wood. ‘I liked the idea of mixing an organic, hand-carved material with the smooth ceramic. I always strive to create something natural but also contemporary, and this worked well for me,’ she told us. For Nicki, wild olive wood was the obvious option, not only for its lovely, rich colour, but also because it’s indigenous to South Africa and very much part of the Cape landscape. She also chose to hand carve the saucer, because she wanted to keep the rough, organic feel of the wood. Love Milo’s Tree Cups were just released on 11 October. The box, which contains two teacups and two hand-carved wooden saucers, retails for R300. Visit for more info or to buy online.