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item of the day: Lisa Firer Floral range

For Lisa Firer, becoming a ceramicist was a no brainer. ‘One touch and I was hooked’, she told HL, describing the classes she took 20 years ago at Kim Sacks studio in Johannesburg. Since then the talented artist has created amazing collections of delicate porcelain objects, from light fittings to vases, candle holders and more. She fuels her creativity and keeps her ideas stock full by maintaining inspiration journals, which have influenced her work over the years. ‘I am a real magpie so I keep a daily blog for myself, of photos taken on my trusty iPhone, images from magazines and so on. I keep returning to my blog and to my inspiration journals for ideas, and I am also constantly adding to them.’ When asked how she manages to create such delicate ceramics, Lisa said that it all stems from: ‘practice and patience. practice and patience. practice and patience.’ It certainly has paid off, as her products are incredibly delicate, with folds and pastes that seem more fitting for paper than porcelain. In her latest range, Lisa has created a beautiful selection of vases decked in floral motifs. ‘I have always loved floral imagery, and because I've been working exclusively in white porcelain for many years, I thought it was time to break out. These vessels are part of my journey into colour again.’ To see more of Lisa’s work visit Alternatively, catch her exhibition with Chris Dedericks entitled ‘Inside your body there are flowers’ (after the opening line of Lisa’s favourite poem by Kabir), which opens at the Haas Collective in Cape Town on Monday 12 December at 6pm.