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Item of the day: Lilikoi

Following in the footprints of summer, Lilikoi in collaboration with Raphaella Booz unveils their new 2012 collection of electric hued shoes and accessories, a showcase in the detonation of colour! The range is divided into 3 themes: Perfume Boho is an intercontinental flight of foreign influences, rustic textures (think cork, straw and jute) and a contemporary flirting with ethnic and folk elements; Hypercolour is based on simple silhouettes with overstated colour and injected with the recurrent theme of stripes, featuring bold compositions. The last category, Flowerfield, is underpinned with nostalgia in orientation to the ‘peasant girl’ aesthetic and pairing of soft spring accents. Whatever the division, we love the new accessories from their pin-thin-heels and chunky wedges, to elegant belts and neon impulses. Earning a very swoon-worthy mention is Lilikoi’s collection of 100% cotton pareos in stylised floral prints. Partner them with bright bikinis as the perfect beach accessory or double them up in cool evenings as pretty scarves. Products will be available at selected boutiques nationwide. For stockest information call 082-780-3221 or browse their blogspot for more inspiration.