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Item of the Day: Issey Miyake X Evian

When bottled water became something of a status symbol in the 1980s, Evian was one of the first brands to capitalise on the global trend. Through clever marketing and cheeky advertising, the premium brand became the essence of everything French, luxurious and sophisticated. A reputation it still boasts today. It's no wonder, then, that the first premium water brand has teamed up with Issey Miyake to design a bottle to usher in the summer. Known for his signature pleats, the Japanese designer Miyake has created a bottle blooming with optimism and freshness. A shimmering flower creeps across the bottle and cap, with the subtle strip alluding to Miyake's pleats. It's young, fresh, colourful and bright. Issey Miyake X Evian retails at R60. For more information on the collaboration, including a special Issey Miyake animated movie, visit