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item of the day: I Love Pots

Nutritionist Sonia Caram’s latest project sprung from a desire to fill her home with plants. ‘I love having plants indoors and I wanted to have the pots themselves be a part of my interior design at home,’ she told HL. And so her beautiful range of fabric-wrapped pots was born. ‘I've always felt that everyone should have a plant indoors, whether you live in a mansion or a studio flat, and my pots simply offer a way of jazzing that up,’ she says. Inspired by nature, and especially patterns of foliage, Sonia selects bright, happy fabrics and the effect, in Sonia’s words, ‘seems to make the pots come alive.’ Sonia has a collection of ready-made pots, and can create custom orders according to your size and colour needs. ‘If you have a specific size or fabric in mind, I will source something suitable for your ideal decor look.’ To order, visit the I Love Pots Facebook page at or email Sonia on