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Item of the day: Heavy-hearted necklace

Sculpture and jewellery collide in Geraldine Fenn's evocative necklace, Heavy-hearted. Made from sterling silver, 18k gold and diamonds, it features a heart made to look as if it were crafted from stone, hanging from a branch but weighed down by its own sorrows. Dainty gold and diamond flowers lift it up and, in a whimsical way, give it wings. The one of a kind piece was part of the exhibition OBJECTtions: Dreams and Nightmares, presented by Tinsel and held at Upstairs@Bamboo in Melville, Joburg. The necklace retails at  R12,000 and is available at Tinsel. Contact the store on 011-726-7269 or get in touch with Geraldine Fenn on 082-342-3496 or by emailing her at   Text: Bambina Olivares Wise Image: Geraldine Fenn