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Item of the day: Fine Cell Work Cushions

Widely acclaimed London-born illustrator, Daisy de Villeneuve, has made a name for herself with her felt-tip illustrations and the unique creative energy present in her designs. We just had to celebrate the collaboration between Daisy and the British social design project, Fine Cell Work. This initiative involves British prisons teaching their inmates needlework which, in turn, encourages independence, rehabilitation and upliftment. These hand-embroidered cushions featuring outstretched tattooed hands were part of a team project created by Daisy and the inmates. It also highlights a first for Daisy’s designs being stitched. We love the edgy design element and inherent wit that they convey. Retailing individually for around R489 each (£45) or R929 for the pair (£85), they can also be custom-made for a small additional fee. Available online from