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Item of the day: Ed Suter Placemats

With summer days come balmy nights where outdoor entertaining becomes the modus operandi. Winter table settings with rich furnishings are forgotten in favour of clean linens, raw textures and spoonfuls of colour. Our décor pick for summer entertaining this season are these fabulous table mats and coasters by Ed Suter. Ed, an established photographer, has taken stills of everything from street art and signage to local landscape and design collaborations for his cohesive anthology of graphic place settings. Whether capturing township energies in gaudy print or the simple gradient of a fennel leaf, the guy with a clever eye for finds renders form into fine art. Perfect for effortless summer spreads or as a vibrant table revamp, these beautifully crafted mats will be the talking piece of any table conversation. All mats are wipe-able, heat-resistant and cork-backed and can be ordered online from Ed’s website. Alternatively, drop him a mail at for more information.