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Item of the Day: David Green Frames

David Green's ongoing quest for eyewear that reflects that integrates nature and reflects the a consciousness for the environment has led to his latest creation, a frame made of real leaves. For this unique design, Green has taken tree leaves that have fallen, dried and dyed them, before crafting them to ft inside a natural cotton based acetate material handmade in France.  The result is a stunning frame where the design is literally created by nature. Each piece is individual; no two frames are alike.  The leaves come in various colours and forms, each one with its unique personality. The frames retail at around R1399 and are available at fine optometrists. About David Green David Green has worn spectacles from an early age.  He studied engineering, working with multinationals based in Japan, Italy and France. Today David Green applies his keen eye for detail together with a passion for the environment.  He achieves a culmination of technology with select materials that result in exceptional comfort for the user. For a list of stockists, go to