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Item of the day: Christy-Anne Bestwick Copper Jewellery

Christy-Anne Bestwick’s Patina range of copper jewellery is inspired by the beauty objects acquire over time. The process of ageing the copper produces a unique pattern on each piece and the delicate interplay of the shiny copper and turquoise patina makes for a striking piece of statement jewellery. 'I am fascinated by the colour that copper naturally attains over time and the fact that this natural process of ageing makes the material more beautiful and valuable. It seems to be an idea so contradictory to the ideals of the modern world,' explains Christy-Anne. We love the flowers Christy-Anne has created using this technique. Delicate and beautiful, the flowers seem to float on your wrist. 'I was inspired by nature and decided to focus on a very rustic, organic look when creating this piece,' she says. 'I like the idea of celebrating nature and the natural ageing process through this range.' The patina range includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, which boast exquisitely embossed patterns and a leaf design as well as the flowers. Christy-Anne also gives antique coins a new lease on life by subjecting them to the ageing process and turning them into pendants. There is a vintage feel to the Patina range which is right on trend but so classic that you will be wearing these items for years to come. 'I used copper because it is not traditionally a precious metal and there is something special in being able to enhance its value through the process of ageing it and fashioning it into a piece of jewellery,' Christy-Anne explains. The Patina range sells for R150 – R500 and is available at Artisan, Florida Road, Durban (031-312-4364), Cinnamon and Silk at the Lifestyle Centre, Ballito (032-946-1985) and Imagenius, 117 Long Street, Cape Town (021-423-7870). Alternatively, shop online at