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Item of the day: Ceramic Picnic Set

Sootcookie ceramics was kick-started in 2009 by Michealis graduate Tanya Laing. With a background in sculpture, this malleable medium seemed the perfect merger between functional and ornamental art. The name "Sootcookie" is derived from the Afrikaans word meaning "sweet biscuit" and alludes to the product’s final execution – the process of being baked in a kiln. Her quirky collection ranges from sculptural animals – owls, rabbits, bears and buck detailed with gold nibs and graphic transfers – to high top sneakers, boxing glove-shaped vases and paper jets inked with propelling words. Tanya’s functional anthology is a range of crockery that aims to capsize the model of common place, disposable objects by cast slipping items like polystyrene take away boxes and paper plates. In doing so, Tanya reinstates value to these usually mass-produced, overlooked items, making functional art in the truest sense of the word. This delightful "vintage beach range" is perfect for outdoor and indoor entertaining, and when shelved, makes for the perfect display piece. The range is now available in ice-cream pastels including pink, mint, yellow and red. Bought as a set or wrapped individually, this tableware is the perfect summer self indulgence. The items of this picnic set retail as follows: Large paper cup: R100; Small paper cup: R95; Paper plate: R140; Take away box: R250; Frisbee plate: R160. For more information see, or call Tanya on 082-087-8110.