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Item of the day: Candle Lamp

If you’re in the market for progressive and innovative appliances look no further. Stelton, a Danish design company with retail estuaries extending from Asia to Australia, collaborates with a host of designers to create new design legends for your home. The latest is a quirky new candle lamp, which doubles up as both a traditional bright lamp and a softer, more atmospheric candle. Use it as an ordinary lamp to light the way in the darker months of the year, then opt for cosier candle lighting when you want less intense light - for example, on those warmer summer evenings. This multi-purpose item was designed by the Danish designer, Soren Schou, who has received numerous design awards for his creative work. Born in Aalborg, Denmark, Schou went on to study Architecture and Industrial Design at the School of Architecture, Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He found a niche in the design market in 2004 when he opened his namesake, Soren Schou Design. Officially known as the "Your Choice Candle Lamp", this innovative item retails at R490 and is available locally at Kitchen Passion stores. For more exciting decor and practical items please feel free to browse