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Item of the day: Bowtie Vest

Not only is being crochet-clad a trendy affair, it's about the comfort and luxury that you feel when something's handmade. Cowgirlblues takes this idea very seriously, designing and manufacturing handspun pure wool garments, made from merino and mohair. We adore this open-weave Bowtie Vest with an adjustable ribbon tie. It couldn't be more authentic than if it had been worn by Miss Bo Peep herself. Bridget Henderson says this about her wool: “South Africa is the biggest mohair producing country in the world, accounting for more than 50% of global supply, but very little value-added product is available locally. It’s quite difficult to buy a ball of knitting wool that is locally made, and a lot of ‘wool’ is actually acrylic – a plastic derivative of oil. With the Karoo under threat from oil companies prospecting for gas, we need to do everything we can to protect our wool and mohair resources, and support farmers and a vital local industry at risk.” We certainly second that. To purchase this item, contact Bridget Henderson of Cowgirlblues directly on 083-445-1150 or email