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Item of the day: Bali Vase by Kosta Boda

Scandinavian artists Kjell Engman crafted this simple but evocative green and gold glass vase for Kosta Boda. Just under half a metre high, the Bali vase is gracefully and organically shaped, embossed with its heart "in the right place"! Engman is a visual artist whose preferred medium is glass. Frequently commissioned for public works in his native Sweden and abroad, he describes his creative process in a very tactile and visual manner: "In creating a design, I start with the circle of life. I like to make glass you can feel, glass that appeals to all of our senses and tries to make use of refraction and light. I want to paint pictures and tell stories all at the same time. What drives me, is a sort of inner search, in which curiosity, the mysterious and mythology are all important ingredients. Glass, the living solid, is my constant companion." These sleek vases retail at R3,000 each from Anima, 78 6th Street, Parkhurst, Joburg. 011-447-3477   Text: Bambina Olivares Wise