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Item of the day: Afro Coffee and Tea

Dig out your 70s flares, John Lennon glasses, and fluff up your afros because Afro Tea is worth celebrating. With many different groovy and exotic infusions there is a tea for every mood. As a 'loose tea', each carefully balanced flavour is released for a tastebud experience with a difference. Our favourite flavour has to, of course, be the 'Cape Town' tea; a stimulating Rooibos blend, encompassing hints of elderberries, honeybush, and chicory root, mixed with a hint of sencha green tea and gunpowder. This tea will not only bring a delicious revitalising start to your day but will also aid your detox and kickstart your metabolism. Afro Tea is retailing at Melissa's coffee shops across South Africa at R48. Discover the other flavours and infusions here or at your nearest Melissa's coffee shop. 021-888-2999   Images: Afro Tea