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Item of the day: 2012 Whimsy calendar

Amelia Jane Smith’s Whimsy range of drawings has found a home on several different items, from notepads to wrapping paper – but our favourite is the calendar she produces each year. The 2012 Whimsy calendar is a 'Creature Calendar' that is just as delightful as its name suggests. 'The creature calendar was inspired by my love of critters, big and small. I have been wanting to draw a whole bunch of my favourite odd-bod animals for a while now and the calendar seemed like the perfect showcase for them. I also wanted to try out a new style of drawing and gauge the fan response to it – so far it’s been great!' she says. Fans have become familiar with many Whimsy characters over the past few years, but many that feature on this calendar are new to the family while being as sweet as ever. 'The creatures are coupled in an alliteration with the appropriate month. For instance: January Jackrabbits, August Aardvarks, November Narwhal. Where there are repetitions with A's, J's & M's I simply put the creature I thought of first with the earliest month,' explains Amelia. You can order the calendars directly from Amelia by emailing For more information and to see her delightful drawings visit