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Investigating heated towel rails

House and Leisure put the question to Natalie Jonker, Sales and Marketing Manager of Bathroom Butler who broke down the product’s efficiency for us.... The good news is that Bathroom Butler heated towel rails are low on energy. Instead of the average 3000 w per cycle a tumble dryer uses, your Bathroom Butler heated towel rail will only consume on average less or the same as one 100w light bulb – if left on 24/7. Quick to Heat Even though Bathroom Butler heated towel rails are designed to be safely left running 24/7, why waste all this energy when the heated towel only needs to be on six to eight hours a day? Thanks to the RAPID Heating feature of Dry Element Technology (DET) and our unique built-in PT Select switch, Bathroom Butler heated towel rails can be easily switched on and off without taking forever to warm up like older fluid filled rails. Switching the heated towel rail on and off can actually reduce your running costs by 60-70%. Automated Operation If you’d prefer not to have to switch your heated towel rail on and off every day yourself, Bathroom Butler also offers heated towel rails with a discretely built-in timer, called the TDC Timer. Now you can programme your heated towel rail to switch on and off automatically, saving both energy and money without having to add another daily chore to your already busy schedule. Please see for further information regarding their full range and the optional TDC Timer technology. Alternatively call them on 0860-104-653 or email