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Intermittent interaction

There was an awful lot of commotion going on at David Krut’s Parkwood gallery last week. Cables were strewn on the floor, naked lamps perched on tripods, open-reel tape decks and microphones in complete disarray, much like the DJ’s booth the morning after a really rocking night at the club, circa 1970s. But all this actually signalled party time at the gallery. “Intermittent” was, in fact, an experimental sound performance and installation by Joao Orecchia and Joseph Suchy, whose aim was to create an experience within the space that also invited audience interaction. David Krut describes the one-week only show as a site-specific installation with intermittent performances in which Orecchia and Suchy experiment with spatial relationships of sound. “By exploring potential combinations of sound-making objects from musical instruments to self-built circuits, to found objects and methods of sound manipulation, the two attempt to find the point where an auditory environment and a physical landscape and a new form of dynamic, living musical composition cease to be separate constructs and form a wholistic viewer experience to mirror the artists’ views on sound.” No two performances were alike, as each day Orecchia and Suchy adjusted and rearranged objects and speakers in the space, searching for sonic relationships. I dropped by last Saturday, and met the artists, who are both accomplished musicians. Orecchia is based in Johannesburg, while Suchy is German. They were excited about the experimental and interactive nature of their show. The performance was strangely riveting, as the sounds of the city were incorporated into the show, modulated, boomed, synthesized along with the sounds produced by various instruments, some makeshift, in the gallery. It’s not exactly ambient music, but it was nevertheless interesting when one realises that (1) the artists only met three weeks prior to the show; and (2) we’ve become so accustomed to the daily din and hum of life that we often no longer hear it. If you’d like an experimental music performance or a special recording, contact Orecchia and Suchy via their websites: Text Bambina Olivares Wise