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Insta-Dads to warm your soul

Cree Jones

Last week we posted a list of our top creative Insta-mamas. And now, in honour of Father's Day this Sunday, 21 June, here's our pick of some doting Instagram daddies for you to follow: 1. Aaron Marshall (aaronmarshall) Aaron and his wife Nicole decided to relocate to Cape Town from America after visiting on holiday in 2009. He is the founder and CEO of Over, a hugely successful app that enables Instagram users to insert typography into their images. The globe-trotting couple have three sons named Zurich, Israel and Everest (with whom Nicole is still pregnant), and his account is full of playful pictures of the family exploring the Mother City they now call home.

  2. Mike Quinones (lifewithmicah) Every day this former action sports star dad takes to Instagram to share beautiful photos of his baby son. As the bio of Micah's personal account boasts, "I have 48 chromosomes" - an anomaly (resulting in down's syndrome) that this proud dad shows off to the world in every impossibly cute post.  
Father. A photo posted by Micah Quinones (@lifewithmicah) on
  3. Kordale and Kaleb Lewis (kordalenkaleb) Last year a photo of these devoted dads doing their daughters' hair went viral on the internet, attracting nearly 50 000 likes and a huge fan following. These days their account is full of this busy family out cycling with their dogs, winning merit awards at school and promoting gay rights.

#NoH8 @noh8campaign

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  4. Cree Jones (creelanejones) Our previous post on Insta-Mamas featured Amanda Jones and her daughter Jane, and dad Cree is the third member of their charming little family. When he's not busy completing his Phd at Chicago University and awaiting the arrival of his second child, Cree takes stunning photos of his adventures with little Jane. The bond between them is clear to see in lots of sweet pics like this one.  
  5. Pete Fuentes (thedaddyfashionstylist) This is one girl who can never complain to her parents about having nothing to wear! As his Instagram handle suggests, crafty dad Pete loves nothing more than kitting daughter Harlow in stylish clothes and hairstyles each day. Pete's passion for fashion and adoration of his little girl have resulted in an elaborate game of dress up that is followed by almost 60 000 Instagram users around the world.
  6. Aubrey McCoy (aubreymccoy) Another partner to one of our featured Insta-Mamas, Aubrey is the motorbike-riding, tattoo-adorned quintessential 'cool' dad. He is stepdad to his blogger wife James's eldest children Julian ('Juju') and Plum, and father to youngsters Gemma ('Birdie') and Sailor. The McCoys live in Nashville together and Aubrey's feed is full of his beloved brood's daily antics in their beautifully eclectic house.    
Some days are crazier than others. ?. @bleubird A photo posted by Aubrey McCoy (@aubreymccoy) on
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