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Incense & Cedrat

Incense & Cedrat is the new addition to Cologne Intense, a collection defined by rich and rare ingredients. The fragrance was created by Master Perfumer, Marie Salamagne, using the scent of Omani incense, the most precious in the world. Produced for over six thousand years, it is harvested from the revered Boswellia sacra tree found in a swathe of land between ocean and desert, Dhofar. The harvest is passed down through generations. Twice a year the tree is incised allowing resinous sap to seep out, dry and crystallise. In recent years, the Boswellia sacra has become increasingly threatened. So, for the first time in perfumery, we have used NaturePrint™ technology to recreate the scent of Omani incense. Nature Print™ The pioneering use of NaturePrint™ technology has enabled us to capture the scent of Omani incense without harming the Boswellia sacra or its environment. Resinous incense tears are taken to the fragrance house to create an infusion and essential oil. These are then analysed in the laboratory in order to recreate the scent using natural ingredients, directed by a Master Perfumer. The Composition The distinctive warmth of incense is enriched by three layers of resins. Each one intensifies the character of the incense heart. The lemon and pepper notes of Elemi bring out a radiant freshness as the fragrance opens. Amber-like labdanum ciste highlights sensuality at the heart. Smooth, sweet benzoin accentuates an addictive richness at the base. As the resins unfurl, they are complemented by the brightness of cedrat. A luminous citrus twist. The Perfumer’s Challenge 'For me, creating an incense fragrance for Jo Malone London meant a scent with a signature elegance and modernity. We wanted a fragrance that played with the brightness of incense, its natural freshness, while embracing its inherent warmth and woodiness. Incense is multi-faceted. My challenge was to accentuate its many qualities and to tame its dark character.'– Marie Salamagne, Master Perfumer. Fragrance Combining™ Omani people learn to layer scents from childhood. Women line their drawers with fresh jasmine and myrtle. Men infuse the silk tassel of their traditional dress with a favourite scent. Even clothing is infused with vapour collected from scented chips called bakhoor, before spraying on scent. The bakhoor is a way of expressing individuality, layering multiple scents according to your mood or the occasion. Similarly, Fragrance Combining™ is an intrinsic part of the Jo Malone London philosophy. As with all of our fragrances, Incense & Cedrat has an elegantly simple construction. This means it can stand alone or be combined with other scents for a unique signature. With Oud & Bergamot, for example, it creates a sophisticated, hypnotic woody fragrance. Or try it with Red Roses for a luxurious rose fragrance that’s spicy and sensual. History & Legend The Boswellia sacra is synonymous with progress. Its precious produce has driven the birth of global trade routes which emerged as long as six thousand years ago. Incense became so valuable in Europe that southern Arabia became known as Arabia Felix, 'Arabia the Blessed'. Through history, incense has held a spiritual role. Burnt in ritual, its smoke was believed to connect the earthly being to the divine. The Roman emperor, Nero, burned a year’s harvest at the funeral of his favourite mistress. And it was the favourite scent of the Queen of Sheba. As Marie Salamagne notes, ‘Man has always had a special connection with incense. It is something used to find peace and energy’. @JoMaloneLondon #CologneIntense   About Jo Malone London Jo Malone London celebrates British style with unexpected fragrances and the elegant art of gift giving. Acquired by The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc. in 1999, today the brand is available in 35 countries worldwide and continues to inspire a loyal following.