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Hypnotic Cuba

Freelance Writer Mila Crewe-Brown spent a week on Che and Fidel’s island, basing herself in its charismatic capital, Havana. There, she fell in love with the slow pace of Caribbean life, from the water licked fringe of the Malecon to the movie-set streets of Habana Vieja. Part reality, part dream to the fortunate tourist, Cuba has an undeniable pull factor. Having spent a jam-packed week sipping on rum-spiked coffee in Havana, Mila also visited the lush tobacco growing region of Viñales in the west. She toured the Guayabita rum factory, watched Cuba’s finest cabaret performers at the Hotel Nacional, visited the laid back home of one of the island’s most famous inhabitants – Ernest Hemingway, and learned the events of one of history’s most illustrious political revolutions. With music and dance their lifeblood, its residents live every day to the full, ancient buildings fall to ruin as others are gently being brought back to their former glory and vintage Dodge’s and Buicks rule the roads. Music is everywhere, all the time, and the town square is still the place where it all goes down from dawn to dusk...whether sipping on coffee, playing dominos or taking school PE class. If you’re thinking Buena Vista Social Club – you’d be close.