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How to Arrange Rugs

Michelle Trimborn, interior designer and design trend expert  from Design Quarters, offers some tips: 'There are many debates regarding the placement of rugs. A rug ‘grounds’ a space and it also delineates a different zone. You can use them to ground an arrangement of chairs and table or furniture; you can use them to indicate a preferred walkway zone or to indicate, psychologically, to the person stepping on it, that they are transitioning into a different zone. This is also great for store entrances or for a room where you want to experience a definite ‘break away’ feeling. The rug can fill the break away room or just be the transition area that you pass over to get into the break away room.' 'Visually, the bolder the rug, the stronger it will ‘read’. Of course, colour and texture play a significant role here. If you make it a focal point then be sure that you don’t have it fighting another focal point in the same room. Then you need to decide, do you place it under or between furniture? As far as I'm concerned, there are equal arguments for both options. Just make sure it doesn’t hinder the pushing out or pulling in of chair legs. Keep in mind that sleigh-base chair legs do best on carpets when it comes to pushing in and pulling them out.' 'I don't think there are any hard-and-fast rules when it comes to arranging your rugs - it all depends on the type of effect desired. I do believe that a rug is a wonderfully versatile decor item that can help make or break a particular 'look' in a space. My best advice is to have fun with it, experiment with different effects and keep trying new things to keep the decor fresh and interesting.'   Image of wooden deck: Elsa Young Have you got a particular decor, food or DIY question? Email it to and we’ll get one of our experts to answer it!