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HL chatted to Home Fabrics’ Sherri Chipps about why all things equestrian will be big this year. Why is there a horse trend? With 2014 being the Chinese Year of the Horse, there is a sense of energy and optimism related to all things equine. Almost in anticipation of this landmark, over the past few months we’ve seen our fair share of horse trends and it’s going to continue to grow during 2014. Why are people so fascinated with horses? It’s mainly because of their elegant, optimistic and majestic energy.  The Chinese Year of the Horse not only represents travel, but all things optimistic, filled with movement and promise. How will horses make their mark this year? Horses in their equine glory have become a spirit animal of trend stories, making their presence felt in the world of interiors, fashion, politics, tech, social media, culture and even pop music. More recently, we are feeling the effects of this equine obsession spill into the world of interiors, and more specifically wallpapers and fabrics. With digital print technology making huge strides, we are seeing more photo-realistic prints coming to the fore on fabrics and wallpapers. This technology has lent itself perfectly to the horse trend in this arena. Tell us more about the horse influence in the decor world… Designers cannot help but be inspired by the beautiful fluid lines of this magnificent creature.  There is huge evidence of this irresistible lure in interiors this season. Are there any good examples of designers taking on the horse theme? World-renowned fashion guru, Matthew Williamson, recently crossed over from catwalk to couch. In his debut interior collection of fabrics and wallpapers, Eden for Osborne & Little, he draws heavily on equine inspirations in Pegasus, a magical flying horse design. German fabric superpower JAB also boasts a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek equestrian-related fabric in their Club House collection, which depicts a delightful polo scene. Can we get our hands on these designs in South Africa? Yes, Home Fabrics is very proud to represent both Matthew Williamson and JAB in the South African market. We have showrooms around the country where the public is welcome to come in and view the extensive range of local and imported fabrics and wallpapers at leisure. For more information, visit Interview by Katharyn Williams-Jaftha