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HL Stone Paper Notebook

Our December 2012 issue is not only bursting with holiday ideas, and places and spaces to visit, but also comes with a complimentary HL Stone Paper Notebook. What makes this notebook special is that the paper is made from stones that have been recycled from construction debris such as pulverised limestone or marble, rather than traditional wood pulp fibre from trees. The stone paper feels stronger, sturdier and more luxurious than standard paper, and is pleasant to write on as the texture is so silky. Most importantly, it also has a much lower environmental impact. As it’s completely tree-free; using stone paper instead of regular paper helps protect our rapidly declining forests and keeps waste out of landfill sites, with a minimal carbon footprint. This paper is also produced with less water, and contains no acid, blench or other harmful chemicals. The pages are tear resistant and very durable, grease-proof, and water resistant - exactly what you need in a notebook, and perfect for a nomadic bag or laptop carrier. It’s our guilt-free, green gift to you, so keep your eyes open as we’re sure you’ll see more of this resourceful type of paper popping up. Be sure to buy your copy of our December 2012 issue, out now, to get your very own notebook and start scribbling...