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His and Hers pillowcases

The battle over pillow ownership has probably been around since the first cavemen and women laid down their weary heads on a carefully chosen stone. We all have our favourite puffy bedtime delight and know immediately when it's been stolen by our partner. But there is a way to prevent relationship drama over whose pillows are whose – with a pair of his and hers pillowcases. Available from Shop Crimson, these sweet and simple 100% cotton shams make sure there's no confusion in the bedroom. Embroidered with quirky phrases in your choice of colour, the pillowcases provide a little organisational humour to traditional bed linen. The pillowcases are available in standard (75cm x 50cm) for R175 and oxford (70cm x 50cm) for R195, with 5cm valance on all four sides. They can be purchased from