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Handcrafted Ceramic Bowls

The ceramic trend is still on the rise and it's exciting to see the  wide range that's available, from fine porcelains to cast concrete  designs. Olivia Villet, who is best known for her children's  illustrations and books, has dipped her creative hand into a new medium. Her ceramic bowls sees her reinterpreting her inspiration and  exploring her creativity. The bowls are created using coils, and their interesting shape makes use  of imperfection, rather than straight lines. The hand-painted, graphic  element has a ripple-like feel and effect with a focus on clean and  simple craftsmanship, resulting in a unique product. 'With handwork,  you need to embrace the wobbles and lumps and allow the form to  develop naturally,' says Olivia. Each bowl measures approximately 11cm x 21cm. Its inky lines and white  glaze means it is suited to a range of decor styles. The bowls are priced at R400 each. The range will be launched at the Miss + Meisie July pop up showcase in Durban. Contact Olivia via for more details or to place an order. Text Nadia van der Mescht