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Handbound Books

You'll think twice before scribbling your latest grocery list in one of Tess Metcalf's handcrafted books. With a major in printmaking, this Michaelis fine art student is producing a rather special range that combines old-fashioned techniques and original artwork. Featuring her own printed media, which includes a series of plate lithographs, screen prints, cyanotypes, embossings and pinhole photographs, each item is printed in unique, limited runs using Coptic binding, archival paper and 100% linen threads. Tess plans on expanding her range to include books suitable for artists who'd like to use them for watercolours, as well as foldout journals and perforated postcard books. 'I am looking forward to creating a unique range of books made by an artist for artists, with a sensitivity towards material and an eye for detail,' says Tess. For more information about Handbound Books or to order, contact Tess via tessmetcalf@gmail.com.