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GUILD Design Fair

Marc Hoberman

The GUILD Design Fair, Africa's only international design fair, returns to the Mother City for the second time! This amazing fair, founded by Trevyn and Julian McGowan, brings curators, designers and institutions together to explore the theme of ‘making’ on an elevated, collectable level. 'The designers being showcased at GUILD are all deeply involved in the process of what they make. When designers are hands on, immersed, a different kind of work emerges; the distance between what is rapidly made, mass produced or machine led and what is a result of process, intimacy and narrative, becomes greater. Handmade pieces are what really contain meaning for society and for the people who own them,' says Trevyn McGowan. There will be Guided tours, designer walkabouts, school tours and a schedule of special events will be offered to fair visitors. WHEN: 25 February - 1 March WHERE: The Look Out, V&A Waterfront EXHIBITORS: Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Carwan Gallery, Conrad Botes, Design Network Africa, London Connoisseur, Mabeo, R & Company, Sipho Mabona, Southern Guild, Stephan Burks Man Made and Artisan by Watershed. For more information, visit