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Grafton Everest

HL chatted to Sue Scott from Grafton Everest about trends and developments in the sofa world.

Do you think people prefer comfortable couches, or sofas that make an impression and look good?

With more and more people opting to stay home and relax, or entertain friends and family at home, ‘cocooning’ remains one of the top lifestyle trends today. As such, comfort and functionality is a really important element of any piece of furniture – including seating. I would say that aesthetics and good design are features that first attract the purchaser, however, comfort remains the deciding factor.

What is the latest craze when it comes to owning an outstanding couch?

As one of the most popular options for sofa fillings, fibre creates a relaxed lived-in look that is softer than foam, but firmer than feathers, without the heavy price tag associated with duck feathers or down. Consumers are realising the importance of investing in a sofa that offers superlative comfort and sufficient ergonomic support for your spine. Fibre-filled sofas provide just that. This filling is incredibly comfortable and provides superb body support. It is also very durable and easy to maintain.

Are there any styles that really stand out above the rest?

A daybed is the ideal piece that clearly represents a design shift towards a more relaxed lifestyle. It is a plush, multi-tasking piece that offers the perfect place in which to unwind and relax, whilst maximising floor space. The design and shape of a daybed means it’s an ideal piece of furniture to connect living spaces without obstructing flow.

Tell us about colours…

It seems many people are expanding their offerings when it comes to fabric and colour. Leather sofas remain the top sellers – largely due to the fact that leather offers optimum durability, ease of maintenance and lavish good looks. Although the leather in neutral earth tones remains an exceptionally popular choice, red and white leather is certainly starting to make a big impact. In terms of fabric, we are starting to see greens and turquoise coming through in a big way.

What are your 'best sellers'?

Versatile corner suites are incredibly popular in modern homes due to their sleek, contemporary lines and their ability to maximise floor space. Comfy corner sofas mean that you don’t need to sacrifices style or comfort, even if you live in a small home. Corner sofas are every home’s best friend because the modular sections can be configured to allow for entertaining guests or curling up to watch a good movie.

Text Katharyn Williams-Jaftha