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Golden Sound

For appreciators of quality sound, technical excellence and beautiful design, Bang & Olufsen products are gold. And now, they’re quite literally cased in this precious metal. BnO Gold has created an exclusive collection of the electronics company’s most iconic products and replaced all the aluminium with 24 carat gold. In total, this amounts to 192 kilograms of gilded beauty that’s worth a whopping 17.4 million dollars. In other words, the initiative has taken a covetable high-end product and moved it even higher up the scale so that it rings in as almost perfect. BnO Gold have explained that their ultimate objective is to ‘combine the best with the best’, marrying cutting-edge sound equipment with the rarest precious metal on the planet. GoldSpeakers3 Notably, the new collection is also right on-trend. As we noted in our 2016 Trend Report, gold is one of the hottest colours of the year and we’re seeing it cladding everything from pens and pots to interior walls. The BnO Gold range comprises the BeoLab 6000, BeoLab 1 and BeoLab 8000 speakers, the six CD deck BeoSound 9000 and the BeoVision7 television set. The venture will be producing these golden beauties on request only and, of course, only for those who can set aside 2.9 million dollars for a single speaker set. To learn more about the collection, visit