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Girafacile umbrellas

If you've ever chased after your runaway beach umbrella on a windy summer's day, cursing the bad design under your breath, then this innovative umbrella is exactly what you need! Manufactured in Italy, Girafacile Umbrellas use a patented heli-coiled tip, designed for deep ground penetration. Winding the umbrella pole into the ground is easy and doesn't require a mallet. Once secured deep in the sand, the umbrella is anchored safely, even if the wind picks up. In addition to the specially designed tip, the umbrella's canopy spokes are 3mm in diameter – instead of the usual 2.5mm – allowing the umbrella to withstand winds up to 20km/h. The umbrella also uses European-compliant UVA/UVB protective material, ensuring maximum sun protection. While the umbrellas are ideal for beach use, the heli-coiled tip can also be easily planted into grass at home. Girafacile Umbrellas are available in six colours including: green, acid green, light blue, blue, orange and silver. The umbrellas have a 220cm canopy and are priced at R350 and R399 depending on delivery and destination. For more information visit or email