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Getting to know the Blomboy

At the launch party for House and Leisure's June 2017 Design issue, we enlisted the help of Alwijn Burger, aka Blomboy, to create a floral arrangement for the entrance. Since his company came to life in 2013, Burger has specialised in event floristry, creative direction and visual merchandising – often merging the three to come up with show-stopping installations. To get to know this floral artist a little better, we chatted to him about his background, personal style and upcoming projects. What sparked your interest in floristry? Tell us about your journey since… A relatively simple, yet romantic journey: my love of church-lady-flowers as a child, working for London’s oldest and most conservative florist, joining forces with the boys from Okasie for nearly a decade and then giving birth (a natural birth) to Blomboy, my alter-ego and nom de bloom. In a few words, describe your approach, style or aesthetic when it comes to creating floral arrangements. Conceptual in direction, masculine in approach, layered in execution. We know you can make magic with a few sticks and beautiful blooms, but do you have green fingers? I did a lot of gardening as a child – I had a greenhouse with orchids and strange, potted things. I’ve not done a lot of gardening or ‘growing’ of late, but I’m sure my green fingers are merely dormant. What would you do with a couple of hectares of land at your disposal? I would build a monastic cube in which to live, right in the very centre of the property, and surround it with an impenetrable mass of creepers, climbers and all manner of pickable things. Your ultimate flower/plant to work with? It varies from season to season, but I’ve always loved foliage. At the moment, wilted, semi-dead or dried foliage... We bet your house is always a visual feast, right? Depends on your definition of ‘visual feast’. If experimental organic chaos superimposed onto a quaint Cape Dutch thatched cottage is your definition of ‘visual feast’, then yes, it is mostly a visual feast. If you were to create an arrangement inspired by an iconic artist or designer, who would it be and what would it look like? A humongous, cobalt-blue ceramic vase filled with a vast amount of orange strelitzias, hand-delivered to Grace Coddington. Are there any exciting new projects we should keep an eye out for? Quite a few, yes. And I am so very fortunate that they are all varied and unique. Some incredible events, some amazing installations, some cool concepts and potentially even my first exhibition (my lips are sealed). See more of Blomboy's work at