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Fynbos installation

Spring is in the air and, as the seasons turn, this theme is gradually making its way back into design. If you love the sight of sprigs and florals, you’ll be thrilled the next time you visit the Table Mountain Cableway in the Mother City. Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx was recently commissioned to design a fresh, updated look and feel for the restrooms located at the top of this famous landmark. With the upgrade of the building came the need to add a designer quality with careful consideration for interior decorating and outfitting. Managing Director of the Table Mountain Ariel Cableway Co. (TMACC), Sabine Lehman, says, ‘We chose Skinny laMinx as we wanted a Cape Town artist and liked the organic feel of Heather’s design, as well as her use of clean lines, which we thought would be site appropriate’. Heather devised an exquisite seven metre long perspex panel for the ladies room, to be placed on the existing curving wall. The design itself – comprising her own artistic interpretation of fynbos – was inspired by a walk she took on the mountain and the plants she encountered and sketched as a result. She then took these illustrations and transformed them into paper cut-outs, which were digitally printed for the final design. Reflecting the hues of the mountain flora, her work of art includes shades of green, yellow and grey, but also integrates the 1950s colour palette that is evident in many of her creations. Want to see more of Heather’s designs? Pop in at 201 Bree Street, Cape Town, or visit