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Functional Furniture

Wolf & Maiden is a creative studio based in Cape Town that aims to improve the spaces and furniture you use every day. They design and manufacture furniture, lighting, home ware, hand-illustrated fabric, clothing and accessories. HL spoke to founder and creative director Wade Skinner, and asked him what the best way to enhance a space is... 'At Wolf & Maiden our focus is always to simplify, and then hone in on key aesthetic characters that add depth and personality to a product or space,' says Wade. 'When it comes to the latter, accentuating the natural lighting in a room is essential. Keep the wall palette white or a light pastel to allow the furniture in the room to stand out.' He continues, 'We’re very tactile people and love texture (which is why we only use organic materials). Combining wood, leather and brass with lighter cottons and linens in a softer palette (such as browns, creams and whites) creates a very accommodating space. And candles, there must always be candles, in every space, always!' Not only does Wolf & Maiden empower a space, but it also seeks to empower up-and-coming craftspeople, designers and artists. Visit the store at The Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. View their website for the full product range at or email Alternatively, contact Wade on 079-088-8174.